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Your Efforts

if you’re a teacher:  earthwiZe needs content, because content is the purpose of its existence.  Contact us about getting your student’s projects, ideas, and efforts online.

if you’re a web expert (designer, programmer, database manager):  earthwiZe is still very much under development and can use your help to fine-tune the site and build out functionality. Contact us about what you can bring to make this a dynamic web destination.

if you’re an earth professional (policy maker, scientist, nature lover):  earthwiZe needs advisors to solicit and review submissions to ensure age appropriate quality content.  Contact us about making a sustained commitment to creating a relevant site.

if you’re a marketer: earthwiZe can use your expertise because the more promotion, the deeper the library of content and the stronger the impact of the mission. Contact us about creating our identity and building brand awareness.

if you’re a networker (computer or social): earthwiZe needs to know who you think we should know. Contact us and make it a small earth with your personal six degrees

and if you’re just unsure: Contact us.

Financial Support

Although there some costs associated with hosting and promoting the program, earthwiZe is not currently accepting financial donations.

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