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Copyright seeks to balance the needs for intellectual property rights and the desire to promote environmental dialogue. All materials published on this site are copyright protected, but can be made available for extended use upon request. For a complete listing of the earthwiZe copyright policy, Get the copyright PDF.

Privacy respects the privacy (both in principle and in practice) of our site visitors and content providers. We do not actively collect information from our site visitors or disseminate any of personal idenfication information. Since is an educational publication site, we do collect the appropriate contributor information on submitted presentations. Contributor information will not collect any personal information from children (age 13 and under) aside from what is necessary to promote a sense of authorship amongst contributors. Additional, all contributions must be submittted with expressed approval from an adult (either teacher (for classes), legal guardian or parent) and no information will be released on the site without this approval.

For a complete listing of the earthwiZe privacy policy, GET the policy PDF.

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