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Humbert Humbert

Humbolt Brown Ale: Nectar Ales / Firestone Walker Brewing Company: Brown (Hemp) Ale Second in the political beer series: hemp ale. While California decides on Prop 19, Firestone has hemped their ale. This is a brown ale, but a dirty … Continue reading

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Brewing Revolutions

Washington’s Porter: Williamsburg AleWerks: American Porter I love this country and I love a good porter, but I doubt that old George himself was drinking one of these pints. While I have enjoyed drinking in the historic recreation of Williamsburg … Continue reading

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Fairytale of DC

Northern Lights IPA: Starr Hill Brewing Company: IPA I am joined in this beer by great company (two nieces, a nephew, my wife, and our friends Mike and Sandy), along with pulled pork sliders (they are everywhere these days) and … Continue reading

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Uncharted Waters

Full Sail Pale Ale: Full Sail Brewing Company: American Pale Ale Yesterday I was scooting home from work, crossing Park Avenue, when a guy on the corner does a double take. I know that look. The guy calls out to … Continue reading

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Ghost Train

Railbender Ale: Erie Brewing Company: Scottish Style Ale The Kiltie Band of York drank Drambuie after marching. Perhaps because hops don’t grow in Scotland. Still that’s no excuse for making a weak brew that couldn’t blow its way out of … Continue reading

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Surprise Surprise

Union Jack India Pale Ale: Firestone Walker Brewing Company: IPA

When I started this adventure several weeks ago, I wasn’t feeble enough to think I was alone in this quest. No, not with that popular movie about some French cook and a blogger living above a pizza parlor. I’ve seen people in bars. I’ve seen them order beers and some even fill out little scorecards so they can remember tomorrow what they soon will forget today. Continue reading

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That Olde Black Magic

Black Cat: Moorhouse’s Brewery: English Dark Mild Ale I had a black cat. His name was Mojo. He would sneak out after midnight across the rooftops. A couple hours later, Mojo would slither back through the open window, shoot a … Continue reading

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Ale as Vegetable

Pumpkin Ale: Smuttynose Brewing Company, Inc.: Pumpkin Ale Smuttynose is a strong brewer. Stronger than, say, shaking hands with a vegetarian. And the Smuttynose pumpkin ale squashes in a full plate of earthiness, a harvest moon color, and pleasant array … Continue reading

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Oh, You Pretty Thingsā€¦

K K: Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project, Inc.: Black Ale The journeymen brewers of Pretty Things rummaged out a turn of the last century recipe that marries Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Apparently that type of thing is legal … Continue reading

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Puca or Jack ala Mode ?

Pumking Imperial Pumpkin Ale: Southern Tier Brewing Company: Imperial Pumpkin Ale Look at that face. One story goes that olde Jack was unable to pay his bar tab and, perhaps unawares of the types that frequent Celtic bars, he strikes … Continue reading

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