Greetings from East Berlin

sixpoint-ryeRighteous Rye: Sixpoint Craft Ales: rye ale

The Sixpoint brewery rises from the mashed landscape of Red Hook Brooklyn, a margin of gentrification and industrialization that strongly resembles a less-dense East Berlin…after the wall fell. We are sampling beer/food pairings as part of the finale to the Craft Beer Week, celebrated here in downtown (yes) Red Hook at The Good Fork. Paired nicely against two pulled pork sliders, I am quickly reminded that Sixpoint’s crafts tend to be on the sweet side. My friends Richard (“nice dry finish”) and Helen (honey + scotch”) also offer their opinions.

My wife agrees that this is the most drinkable of the Sixpoint selections we’ve tried. The rye (I suspect) creates a razor quality to cut the overall sweetness. My son comments too on the dryness of his rootbeer.

As for the derelict funkiness of East Berlin, perhaps if someone opened an string of absinthe bars to fuel a threaded wall along the gap where the world’s longest graffiti wall once stood…well, Red Hook, can you call the first place Sixpoint Charlie?

Rating: 70%, more or less.

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2 Responses to Greetings from East Berlin

  1. JW says:

    Oh, crap! Is this a site about the oil crisis? Really? Really????? I have totally misread so much…so much in my life.

    This is just like me.

  2. admin says:

    crisis is now averted.

    HELL I spoke too soon.

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