Let U B U

ubu-aleUBU Ale: Lake Placid Craft Brewing: English Strong Ale

First, you should know that Lake Placid has a wonderful label, that icon red Adirondack chair framing the legendary blue waters in the background. You can’t see that image though, not here in the darkness of the Dive Bar, not through the dark prism of this liquid. This is a beautifully dark beer, with the lightest sense of smokiness, but a surprising tracing of oil viscosity on the finish.

Forget the difficult metaphor of an oil patch on macadam…this is a pleasant beer, with a tingle of earthiness that anticipates colder weather will come in time. My friend John concurs, although he never mentions that oily thing. My son comments on the dry finish of his cream soda.

rating: a little more than half full.

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