Here’s to the Modern Ancients

Sierra Nevada TumblerTumbler: Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.: Autumn Brown Ale

Much needs to be said about Sierra Nevada, the godfathers of modern American craft brewing. Without Sierra proving the powerful appeal of real beer, we would still be locked to the limp tastes of light pilsners rising from the middle territory and middle aspirations of this vast and great nation. No, it was Sierra who proved (along with a choice few others) that Americans had taste and that our innovations and tenacity — like some mad Manhattan project of homebrewing — could, within a generation, position us to challenge even Belgium in ingenuity, refinement and diversity.

While not the legendary Pale Ale, Tumbler doesn’t need to be. It’s a solid brown ale, appealing in color, and consistently robust through the whole glass. Tumbler owns a place in any fall repertory and holds its own (perhaps a little further down the line) with the Sierra lineage.

So, raise that glass against the darkening world: here’s to Sierra.

Rating: 70%, more or less.

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2 Responses to Here’s to the Modern Ancients

  1. JW says:

    Am I to assume you missed the twenty-tap Sierra lineup at The Pony Bar? A good number of The Pony’s taps are still dedicated to Sierra – as of Saturday October 9th (J. Lennon would be the big seven-oh, I am told) – including the Tumbler. Alas, the Dogfish Head/Sierra Nevada offspring, “Life & Limb” and “Limb & Life”, have been happily drunk by others.

    Damn them. Damn them all.

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