Under the Red Sky

Saint Louis Premium Framboise: Brouwerij Van Honsebrouck NV : Framboise (raspberry)

st-louis-framboiseThe challenge having been evoked in the last blog, the time is ripe in this experiment for the first of the Belgian beers, even it must be a framboise. I am sitting outside the Dive on Amsterdam Avenue in the glowing fix of this October city approaching twilight. Two young hipsters sip bourbon at the table next to me and a collected community of Friday happy hourers hold a Giants-shouldnt-suck-this-year conversation at a further table.

This beer is not promisingly served in its own glass, but it does shimmer with a reflective sunset red, pure red. The raspberry works a tad to overwhelming, so that its sweetness runs unchecked. Certainly not with the marauding quality of the imitations that American brewers mastered by what must have been their dropping a whole bottle of perfume into the keg. Still the syrup quality runs over any sense of balance: it is an inconvenience to the taste.

As I approach the last heavy sips, my daughter joins me from her long journey home after school. We take about test-taking and college applications, about scratches on glasses, about all the small irritations in the world that go away simply because you talk about them. And my framboise has disappeared in the discourse. We talk more cheerfully about the future and I know that there are better Belgians down the calendar.

Rating: a 30% pool of sunset.

PS — I promised to mention that no shows at this event included: Duncan, John, Al, Subhang, Neil and the cast of Glee.

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3 Responses to Under the Red Sky

  1. Bryan says:

    Have you heard of the whole roasted pig stuffed with sausage with the ALL YOU CAN DRINK craft beer offering from DBGB for up to 8 people? I wanted to try it when I come up for Thanksgiving but it ends the first week of November. Maybe you can gather up enough peeps, eat some stuff pig and drink LOTS of beer.

  2. yes i was a no-show. but, i saw some people combining framboise with seltzer- ever hear of that?

  3. admin says:

    framboise with seltzer must be a little like those lemon/lime tasting malt liquor clear stuff…

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