That Olde Black Magic

moorhouses-black-catBlack Cat: Moorhouse’s Brewery: English Dark Mild Ale

I had a black cat. His name was Mojo. He would sneak out after midnight across the rooftops. A couple hours later, Mojo would slither back through the open window, shoot a Cheshire’s grin, and disappear to his food downstairs. He was, I suppose, a little like a drunk who knew better than to say anything about where he was coming from.

Hard to tell (other than Lancashire, England) where this ale is coming from. I have a little more than a pint of it (fortunately at 3.4% ABV that’s not a problem) and I have been slowly working my way to the bottom of it all. Black Cat leaves a mild impression, like watered-down coffee, a very light sweetness, and nothing more, nothing more.

I expected, like I would with any quality beer, a little more mojo.

rating: 30%, unless consumed in the wee hours.

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