Surprise Surprise

firestone-union-jack-ipaUnion Jack India Pale Ale: Firestone Walker Brewing Company: IPA

When I started this adventure several weeks ago, I wasn’t feeble enough to think I was alone in this quest. No, not with that popular movie about some French cook and a blogger living above a pizza parlor. I’ve seen people in bars. I’ve seen them order beers and some even fill out little scorecards so they can remember tomorrow what they soon will forget today.

So to all my legions of readers, I have a confession to make. There are other beer-a-day drinkers out there, both past and present. I have decide to occasionally list a couple in that links section … look to the right there… yes … the one-a-day column. If I were hopped up and bitter about this discovery of these websites, I would call these other blogs competitors. Instead, I malt call them fellow travelers.

But to my surprise, I haven’t found a review on any of them (and I looked at two) of this surprisingly delicious IPA from these (surprise) California brewers. The Union Jack has a pleasant orange fragrance and full body that is lightly (surprise for California) hopped for rounded and continuously drinkable quality. Firestone is a complete surprise brewery to me, a delight turn around the bend in this yearlong travel, and since they specialize in pale ales, I will return with expectations. The question is: will my fellow travelers join me?


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