Uncharted Waters

full-sail-pale ale (actually ipa)Full Sail Pale Ale: Full Sail Brewing Company: American Pale Ale

Yesterday I was scooting home from work, crossing Park Avenue, when a guy on the corner does a double take. I know that look. The guy calls out to me, “Hey, I thought you were Woody Allen.” Nope, but I’ve heard that before. “You look just like him…the hair, the glasses, your height. But you’re not Jewish, right?” No…I answer..I’m not Jewish and I’m not funny. And the guy laughs, as the light turns green.

I don’t know if that counts as a sarcastic parable, but I do know that tonight’s beer was a recommendation by a different stranger standing in the paradise beer aisle of Pioneer, our neighborhood grocery store. I was proud of myself to recommend the Rogue OREgasmic Ale and about tell him to (as Beer Drinker Rob might say) “Pay attention!” when the guys said, “of course, Rogue is good, but have you tried this?” He pulls a bottle of Full Sail off the top shelf. “Don’t be fool by the modesty of this pale ale. It’s crisp, with a bright touch of sweetness that dissolves into just enough bitterness to give an edge without overwhelming the day. I think it’s autumn, fading sunlight, slight chill in the air, where everyone understands that even nature’s fall into decay possesses a startling beauty.”

I agree.

Editor’s note: I am including another one a day drinker blog, a real manic ultra-marathoner who is not content with dedicating a year of his life to this pursuit, but instead takes his inspiration from the extended album version of the old song. “Pay attention!” and sing along: nine hundred and ninety nine bottles of beer in the wall…(and check out the charts).

Rating: 75%

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