Tapped Out

long-trail-double-bag-aleDouble Bag Ale: Long Trail Brewing Company: Altbeir

I have a pleasant, long tail to write about this brewery, a funny story about snow and getting caught flat on my back, but, as I suspect my dedicated readers are already thinking after the last couple of days of reading short, elusive fragments instead of my regular, well-thought-out illuminating tapestries of compelling narrative, I am tapped out. And, as we all know, even a great beer through musty taps comes out a little off. Our local afterwork watering establishment, Copperfield’s, generally runs fresh, clean lines across an interesting assortment of ales, but that chasing taste of vinegar here in the Double Bag…I suspect that Long Trail was looking to get into the salad dressing market.

I want to pass here, and save my bigger story for a night with the Long Trail Ale.

Oh, a shout out to my friend Alex, Mr. Hello Kitty.

Rating: indeterminate.

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2 Responses to Tapped Out

  1. So you didnt like the beer, meow?

  2. admin says:

    I should have like the beer, but there was this lingering sense of cat urine…

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