Happy Guy Jai Diwali Alai Fawkes Day

cigar-city---jai-alaiJai Alai: Cigar City Brewing: IPA

The counter-revolutionary Fawkes’ gunpowder plot exploded on November 5th, 1604 with his arrest while groveling in the cellar of England’s Parliament, an image which runs counter to his resurrected hero as V in Vendetta.

From the breakaway Basque region of Spanish comes Jai Alai, their equivalent of racquetball on steroids (with ball speeds at over 200 mph).

And Diwali which, as my friend Subhang’s mother once told him, is “god’s birthday.” To which Subhang replied, “I’ll make sure to send him a card.”

Lastly, there’s Cigar City (aka Tampa) Jai Alai IPA, drunk this evening in honor of Diwali (mostly) and Guy Fawkes and the fact that I haven’t had to re-park my car in a week. Oooo…this is a nice one, with a pure golden color and creamy thick head. Strong hops are surrounded by a light fruit salad of Floridian groves. The taste is balanced throughout, consistent over the length of the glass, and assertive enough to recommend another go round. In other words, revolution successful…advance forward at tremendous speeds…into the lights. And leave the car where it is.

Rating: 91%

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