To CostCo and Beyond

Costco Sampler Pack: Costco Kirkland Signature Brewing? : German Style Lager, Pale Ale, Amber Ale, and Hefeweizen

My friend Maryann has become something of a beer nut. I mean she’s a nut generally…in the most pleasant characterization of the word…but now she’s added beer to the menu. So she set up a Saturday night taste of the Costco variety pack, which we sampled from Pale Ale to Lager to Hefeweizen to Amber Ale. The review goes something like … “Okay, I can drink this…I think.” “A cheap lager tastes better than a cheap ale any day.” “This tastes nothing like it’s suppose to.” “This is the worst of the bunch.”

I don’t know if sampling these four beers means that I am still still living up to my commitment of tasting a new beer everyday. Perhaps quantity will overrule a mistake in quality. I only hope the hop gods forgive us.

Rating: are you kidding?

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