The Whole Shack Shimmies!

brooklyn-brewery----shakemiesterShackmeister Ale: Brooklyn Brewery: American Pale Ale

Beer should stand alone as a meal, but it would be crime to separate this brew from its serving surroundings. It’s an exclusive, I believe, of Shake Shack (which is no longer an exclusive of Madison Square Park) and as such owes much of its deliciousacity to consuming it along with one of the best hamburgers in the world. In other words, there’s nothing in the beverage itself to compete with the burger, but instead plays the role of playing MC to the next bite. Refreshing, clean and kinda like thick water graced with a sunshine color and touch of tartness that says, “go ahead. Take another bite of burger.”

Seek the burger…not the beer.

And a thank you veterans…

70%, if accompanied with a cheese burger at Shake Shack.

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