Hints of Blueberry? Nah.

the-bruery---rugbrodRugbrod: The Bruery: JuleBryg-Style Dark Rye Ale

Rugbrod is a traditional Danish dark rye bread. (I do not know if it is traditionally served with a nice blueberry jelly, however.) Rugbrod is also a dark rye ale, coming from the funky, experimental traditionalists at The Bruery in California. (So funky that they refuse to make neither an IPA nor a blueberry ale, as far I can discern.) I shared this special brew with my friends Lilly and Oliver, proprietors of the School of Jellyfish.

Earlier in the evening, over a couple glasses of wine, we were discussing the range of vocabulary necessary to describe wine tastings, that while human taste buds discern only five flavors (sweet, sour, salty, bitter and savory … and perhaps calcium) these five notes are enough to orchestrate a universe of complexity. “There’s blueberry in this vintage,” says Lilly, “can you taste it?” It’s my vocabulary that is challenged, then, and not my tongue.

So…what does this dark rye ale taste like? Well, it tastes like rye…in all its dark rich glory. No kidding. Drinking this ale is like slicing a piece of hearty bread, with a rich–but not overpowering–earthy sweetness, a hint of honey-nut spread. So much bread, it even crumbles.

But alas, no blueberry.

Rating: 85%

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