Couldn’t Drag Me Away

river horse--hopitmus double ipaHop-a-lot-amus IPA: River Horse Brewing Co.: American Double IPA

To run with the IPAs is to say you want to run with the bad boys, the hop devils, the bitter taster riders, the setting sun. To run with the doubles is to saw you want to run twice as fast as that crowd.

While this beer is nice company, it still mills around with any IPA worth hanging out in the corral. This aint no wild stallion, more a middle of herd that is pleasant enough for a Saturday afternoon, sitting here in the West Side Brewing Co. (long since out of the brewing business, but that’s a lambic story) with my friend John, chewing over french fries and long stories.

The River Horse’s bitterness is its reason to run. Occasionally the late afternoon sun catches its mane with some brilliant flashes of pine and (lesser) citrus, but it never outruns the herd of other IPAs, let alone the more thoroughbred doubles.

Rating: 70%

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