Pizza and Beer

brooklyn-brewery--brown-aleBrown Ale: Brooklyn Brewery: Brown Ale

I like a brown ale, a nut brown ale, certainly more than I like a nut or brown shirt. I try to like Brooklyn, although I some times think it is the shotgun equivalent of New York in a better mood on a better day. So on a Sunday late afternoon, I can’t argue with having a Brooklyn Brown Ale over a nice square of pizza at Dean’s in Tribeca. But Brooklyn beers still feel like a better quality restuarant trying to prove they have a pulse on something quality, something local, something beer. Park Slope, when you could get it, was far better than Brooklyn; Chelsea Brewing Company tries harder than Brooklyn; and, Sixpoint is rising in my estimation, particularly if they could hold off on the sweeteners there.

So, nice pizza, and, as typical with Brooklyn, adequate beer. Smooth and easy flowing, light hints of nuttiness. Do depth, so no real chance at subtlety.

Perhaps better if drank from a straw.


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