Titanic Brew

hilden---titanic-quarterTitanic Quarter Beer: Hilden Brewing Company: Irish Pale Ale

From the place that built us the Titanic comes a special brew, mellow yellow in appearance and featuring the resounding taste is something like barley. This is a more modest brew than it’s shipward namesake, doesn’t stir up much of a whitecap, and leaves only a trace of bitterness in its wake.

This beer would have been best shared at the Isadore and Ida Straus memorial at 106th and Broadway with my friend TRay, a avid Titanic history buff. Maybe with an ice cube floating in it. Yeah, I don’t think the ice cube would have hurt the flavor much.

Note: alphabetically, I suppose I could classify this as an IPA. But I didn’t.

Rating: 50%

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  1. JW says:

    Clever little ice cube.

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