Rocky Mountain High

boulder---cold-hopsCold Hop: Boulder Beer Company: (English-Style) IPA

We followed the Colorado River up out of Moab, across the flat eastern lands of Utah, a steady straight shot until you hit the folds of the Rockies and rise. Ardous, yes, but you know that on the other side of one of the world’s most beatiful five hour drives lies the not-so-sleepy college town of Boulder. Boulder, the alliteration of beer and brewing. Colorado cascades in craft brewing and Boulder beats the heart of it.

But that was back on that tour through the southwest in the sparkle of summer and today I am only lugging stuff back from Westside Markets (scoring a couple interesting future items). Still, it is enough effort to require a stop at the Amsterdam Ale House for refreshment for Ben and me. The Boulder Beer Company (the square state’s first microbrewery) asked legend Charlie Papazia to come up with something special: Cold Hop.

It pours a little like fire in the sky, comes off with a light bitterness, then a round, if just slightly sweet, balance. There are hints of fruit and grass. Far more balanced, I believe, then Ben’s Shirley Temple.

Rating: 80%

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