abita---sosS.O.S. (Save Our Shores): Abita Brewery: German Pilsner

Watch me get in trouble with this one.

I’ve been to New Orleans, but not the bayou country. Still I suspect that this beer captures that rough mix of saltiness and tall grasses. There’s a fresh spray of carbonation with each sip. What’s that? Some left a small bag of lemons in the boat.

Now it is Thanksgiving, and I picked out this bottle especially for my chief of the evening, my sister-in-law Cathy, whose dedicated a good chunk of her active life to ensuring the quality of North American waterways. Plus I like New Orleans, a lot, and the small cents that goes to saving a dedicated and delicate way of life, well, it is the least I could do. I mean, that the least. We could all do a little more.

But this is Abita, the first of this year’s, and I have to say that there is ultimate little…other than the lore of its homeland…that draws me to their brews. The early Abitas were at best ill-conceived. This SOS over comes that issue, but not enough to convince me of this brewery as yet.

Rating: 47

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One Response to SOS

  1. JW says:

    Trouble? Seems right down the middle to me…

    though didn’t you, among with a couple of others, bail on the bayou/swamp tour? That could have put you in touch with something. Wait…if memory serves, you showed up on the porch of the Columns Hotel, fresh from an “Old-Fashioned tour”. Had you taken the airboat, you could have experienced a bit of the Hank Williams’ “buy-oh”…Maybe as much as Hank ever experienced…and perhaps you would have realized that the tall grasses are, by and large, a foliage of the Everglades, though we would like them for some modest hurricane protection. (psst, the government is helping so much.)

    And regarding salinity, we’re talking brackish water at best. A little salty, but not the sea, si?

    But I must commend you on downing even a portion of Abita beer. Besides its catchy names, it has the reputation of being crap…and, unfortunately, the taste of being, well, crap.

    Happy Turbo Dog! whenever that comes.


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