Pale Potter (a.k.a Affectionately Known as Pig Dick)

troegs-beer-brew-anthology2Troegs Pale Ale: Troegs Brewing Company: Pale Ale

Second beer out of the Troegs variety pack. I am enjoying this one in the kitchen with my nephew Dan after we’ve concluded watching the of the Harry Potter movies. Dan is taking great patient lengths to outline all the intricacies of the Potter plots–like why is that boy coming through the window and why to they keep landing in beautiful landscapes devoid of both people and people. I am taking great lengths to enjoy this local pale ale, a smooth coppered glow, backed by mellowed bitterness that never gets watery.

Yes we have seen that elf before and he is not a golem-wanna-be from Rings. I typically have this beer in the summer, in the back yard, hunched over a picnic table with cheeses and sticks of beef jerky, affectionately known as pig dick. Life shouldn’t get much more complex than that. This is the type of beer, an easy balance between malt and hops, that you can return to. And yes whole thing about using the right wand is very important. You could probably drink these through a whole Harry Potter movie marathon.


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One Response to Pale Potter (a.k.a Affectionately Known as Pig Dick)

  1. JW says:

    I’m just going to be the first to say that you should probably rework the title of this one as, “Affectionately known as pig dick”.

    Again, I’m just the first.

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