Round Midnight

troegs-beer-brew-anthology2Troegs Java Head Stout: Troegs Brewing Company: Oatmeal Stout

It’s after midnight and now Dan is trying to explain to me the difference between elfs and goblins, mudbloods and half blood princes. I open up beer three in Troegs’ variety pack, the Java Head Stout, and our conversation drifts from Potter through porter, past stout and into Four Loko. The question on table (along with the Java Head, brewed with coffee beans) is as complex as an wizard’s formula. Is it still beer if it is caffeinated?

Well, this beer is almost coffee, a delicious peculation with ripe overtones of chocolate with a hint of spice (licorce?). The oatmeal base makes sure that everything is kept in balance. And the alcohol…only a trace evident.

So does that make the Java Head as dangerous as a couple rounds of Red Bull & Vodka, following by a six-pack pouring into a overbrew pitcher of joe?

No. But I found the beer surprising uplifting.

troegs-beer-brew-javaHeadRating: 65

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