Little Sister, Little Sister

laguintas---little-sumpin'A Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ Ale: Lagunitas Brewing Company: American Pale Wheat Ale

Lagunitas is magic.

Everything they brew has a little magic in it. Hell, even the price is magic, as their beers routinely come in at about a dollar or two cheaper on the big bottle. And you should be making these well-advised purchases in the large.

With a full boutique of aroma and citrus flavors, Little Sumpin’ has true charm. But she doesn’t come on too strong.

Still, Little Sumpin’ is not to be trusted: she is a deceptive brew. She claims she’s a wheat ale, but comes off like a pale ale, the type of beer you take to the ballpark and still bring her home to meet the parents.

I want to say more, but feel that someone is reading over my shoulder.

Rating: 82%

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