Winter Wonder Ale

evans---pale-altePump Station Pale Ale : C.H. Evans Brewing Company: American Pale Ale

Crisp and cold, the chill fills the air of Warren Street in Hudson. Fortunately, there’s a book store near the end of the block that offers warmth, books, and, yes, beer. This must be winter paradise. The pub is crowded with celebrants from the annual Winter Walk, including my friends Rick, Richard, Gail and Helen. It has been a hard climb to get, filled with ambling through antique shops and just plain old shops, like that one that displayed a This Time: Nixon campaign poster underneath a rack of dusty bottles filled (according to the label) with Muscatel.

Cold and crisp, The Spotty Dog runs a nice, clean tap, and even through the demands of the holiday crowd require serving beer in large, red, plastic cups, the experience is entirely professional. Like some homeopathic cure of fighting cold with cold, the refreshing light floral of orange keeps this beer easy and balanced. This is one of the more clean pales I’ve had that succumb to being just watery.

Rating: 68%

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