Rooftop Robbers

Christmas Ale: Sly Fox Brewing Company: Winter Warmer

sly-fox---winter-aleThe Pennsylvania crew is in town for the annual tree trimming party (or TTP, as my son says). They are safely encamped on the 25 degree deck, primarily to protect their investment in this year’s Sly Fox winter brew. Not enough for the thirty people down stairs, I at least score something over a thimble full. Maybe all you need to understand that this is a beautiful and complex recipe that you probably only can drink a juice glass full.

Cinnamon, allspice, maybe a little of that legendary nutmeg: the whole array of spices create an overall warmth reminiscent of mulling. Yes, this beer actually drinks warm. Unfortunately, there’s not enough to offer the kindly cop on the downstairs landing looking into a report of robbers on the roof…meaning the Pennsylvania crew.

Thanks to those who could make the party and Happy holidays all.

Rating: 77%

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