oh! Joy!

Delirium Noel: Brouwerij Huyghe: Belgian Strong Dark Ale

The robbers come down from the deck, my niece Jess carrying a bottle of noel joy. The crew is looking a little sheepish, having snuck out to grab a beer at the Irish place across the street. That, or the drinking since afternoon is starting to override the unbounded enthusiasm for the season that we all share.

The tree is now trimmed, mostly, since no one can reach the top branches without risking climbing up a rickety stool. The lights and noses glow. It’s the quiet time of reflection…and perfect for a little Noel celebration with ale. You generally can not wrong in any season with a Delirium of any sort. Pink elephants wearing Santa hats pour beautiful for the nice and naughty alike. Alcohol like a fruitcake and flat like sandtart, spiced like eggnog (with notes of nutmeg and cinnamon), and as full-bodied as an Eskimo in mid-winter.

Relax, enJoy and stare at the lights on the tree. Watch out, though, for those rooftop robbers.


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