On the Ten Beers Around Christmas…

Orchard White: The Bruery: Belgian White

the-bruery---white-orchard-aleFreed from Internet access and responsible now for only wrapping and giving out presents, I can indulgent in the luxury of drinking without thinking…indulging without description…beer without blog. But like any binge, today I pay the price for it as I play catch-up on the ten unwritten brews of these holidays. Working from sloppy tasting notes and a vague sense of what went on this last week and a half, here goes.

A near champagne splash awaits us on our arrival at the Pennsylvania homestead. I need it, as my entire sense of reality was blown apart on the ride down. We stopped at a restaurant in Lancaster. Perched on a hilltop in the surrounding darkness, Shady Maple must house over 20 thousand trough eaters at a time. The line to get in on this Midnight Gladness eve ran 800 people deep. Top-shaped people bumped and spun against one another in anxious anticipation. Fortunately, we met my friend Steve and his family in the 42,000 square foot gift shop underneath the dining area. I swear you could see the ceiling bend from the weight of eaters above. Oblivious to the danger of collapse, we talked and laughed in the surrounds of Amish action figures, sauerkraut candy canes, and battery-operated horse-and-buggy models.

So, The Brubery’s Orchard White was a welcome relief. Light with a near champagne texture, this beer fits nicely for the holidays. Lavender and citrus, but not too sweet. This is the perfect delicate octane for a long discussion on government, corporations, and social structures with my friend Fuzz. Lots of questions, however, I don’t remember the answer.

Rating: 73%

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