If You Can Stand the Kitchen

Warrior Single Hop IPA: Mikkeller: IPA (American Style)


Even if you can stand the heat, standing in someone else’s kitchen during Channuaka, Christmas, Kwaanza, or Festivus is never safe. Heck, I only ventured into Mrs. Moyle’s santuary in order to find a bottle opener. We are re-enacting holidays from earlier in the month and she’s flipping latkes like the mad Greek cook she is. I duck the flying oil and dodge the threats only for the sake of the mission. I wouldn’t run this risk for another He’Brew brew, but the beer I need opened if something truly special. It’s the red label (festive, right?) of Mikkeller’s outstanding single hop series. (Slightly better than yesterday’s Single Hop Centennial IPA.)

The hop in question is, well, the warrior. It brings a stellar brightness, forms a big citrus star, circled by a strong earthiness. Ever sip is a fresh new day.

Matches well with latkes too. Just don’t linger in the kitchen.

Rating: 92%

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