There’s Magic in Believing…

Stegmaier White Ale: The Lion Brewery, Inc.: White Ale

…but you’d have to believe in magic to think that Stegie can pull off this one too. Their IPA pleasantly surprises, but this Belgian White, again courtesy of my brother on his birthday, just isn’t necessary. Line expansion, particularly when attempted in bulk, doesn’t typically work across the whole field. There’s wheat, lemon and a bit too much carbonation, but if the philosophy of simple, unpretension guides their porter and IPA to suggestion, it also drains all taste from beer type that requires you to be delicately assertive. Wilkes-Barre, I fear, is not delicately assertive.

Fuzz talking about Seattle and my friend Chris (from Boulder) talking about family are delicately assertive, but they are drinking Dogfish Head Chicory Stout. I twirl the bottle in my hands, wondering if there might be another Stegie IPA left in the little fridge.

Rating: 55%

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