Snowboundness has its Rewards

The Crooked Tree IPA: Dark Horse Brewing Company: IPA

I am parking in the remains of a blizzard. The city’s knee deep in snow, higher along the curbside, just where I need to stash the car after the long ride back home. I throw the car up over a mound and wedge it into as much a clearing as necessary to last the week. New York transforms into a wondrous place when a foot and a half of winter shuts it down. The remaining adventurous nod a silent hello as they pass and line up on corners taking turns to jump the slush puddles. Even the cabs move slowly down the street.

I enjoy my good fortune at having lucked into a parking spot with a Crooked Tree IPA. There’s a sharp start, kind of like jabbing the accelerator to lift the car over the snow bank. What follows is an even slide, and then no more real effort and everything is in place. Nice, but not as overwhelming as first anticipatory. So, if the beer is not sufficiently celebratory, at least I know that the best part of any NYC blizzard is the suspension of alternate side of the street parking.

Rating: 65%

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