Green Flash West Coast IPA: Green Flash Brewing Company: IPA (West Coast Style)

If you are looking for fireworks any time of the year, this is the beer. We are craning our heads over the 18th floor balcony to see the Central Park explosions reflected in a nearby building. A more or less indirect celebration: that’s okay, cause I am clutching tightly to my bottle of Green Flash. Now, anything this brewery does is worth holding on tight, but their IPA (and imperial IPA, notice the room at the top in the rating…) is exemplary of both (beer) style and taste. Tingy, tart, and timely. New, nippy and clean. Perfect to clear out any stale tastes or mental cobwebs.

Later I treated myself to the incredible luxury of a novel black-and-tan, made with the Green Flash and Dogfish Head’s Chicory Stout.

May all our new years be as flavorful, complex, filling, and fun as my black-and-tan!

Rating: 97%

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