Earth Day Birthday Day

422: Southern Tier Brewing Company: Pale Wheat Ale

southern-tier----422With its 80% recycled consumer products responsible packaging, Southern Tier’s 422 is the brewery’s homage to Earth Day and I am drinking it to celebrate my wife’s Birth Day. In many ways, my wife is akin to the earth. She’s the mother nature of two wonderful kids. She has a wild and beautiful disposition, capable of generating great awe and occasional (often merited) fury. And she’s nice to be around.

Much the same with 422. This lazy yellow beverage is an easy-drinking brew that confuses the line between pale and wheat much to the pleasure of both. Don’t expect the floral flourishes of a dynamic wheat or the solid action of a pale…instead it is an accommodating flavor that sustains over time, nourishing the wise drinker.

So…thank you Earth and happy birthday Judy.

Rating: 72%

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