How Much Beer Goes into College Tuition?

Zwiec Beer: Zywiec Breweries PLC (Heineken): Pale Lager

zwiec---beerJudy and I are sitting in a Polish restaurant on Second Avenue, pretty much with the place to ourselves. We just walked up from Houston and the river, past several crowded, overpriced, but otherwise nice food establishments to find this little slice of what the east village used to be: ethnic, cheap and physically satiating. We had attended an event at my daughter’s high school earlier in the evening and now I sitting with a plate of Polish fried delicacies and a large (really large) glass of Zwiec, staring into its pale depths and wondering just how much beer you can buy at 56,000 a year?

I have to say that the beer I drank in college far exceed in quality this Polish variety, although I suspect they share the same price point. My college beers were an earthy lot, filled with potassium, magnesium and other essential nutrients. Zwiec has a vinegar and cabbage quality, which I suspect is more suited to going to college in Poland. I did, however, get a free refill by our fabulously attentive waiter, who showed more care and professional discipline than we would have seen at one the more fancy places we walked on by.

Rating: 14%

Editor’s note: if you are looking to explore the more exotic beer tastings of the Poland and elsewhere, I recommend checking out Hywel’s Big Log, now added to the resource list.

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