Session Jams

Session Lager: Full Sail Brewing Company: Pale Lager (American)

full-sail---session-aleSession is a special term for beer drinkers. It’s a subtle combination of drinkability and ABV (or alcohol level). Unfortunately, most IPAs prove too dangerous session beers, as more than one stumble home from The Pony Bar evidences. The session concept was best captured years before the microbrew craze when Schaefer promoted their unique brew as the “one beer to have when you are having more than one.” With all due respect to Lena Horne, the classic rendition can be found here. Check it out…it will bring tears to your eyes. (Note that Schaefer also delivers on the invisible third element of drinkability: price-point.)

The eponymous Session Lager from Full Sail Brewing cuts a large challenge for itself, winning on the ABV at 5.1%. But drinkability? That’s always the tough one. Full Sail wants you to believe that this beer is “easy drinking, but never at the expense of character.” All the character, however, is in the barrel-shaped bottle and stylish simple label. There’s enough apple and grain to rise it above water, but that’s doesn’t make character outside of the farm.

No, instead, hand me another Schaefer.


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2 Responses to Session Jams

  1. JW says:

    I’m fairly certain there is something about Schaefer in “The Big Lebowski” – I believe, as well, it had something to do with this concept of a “session beer”. However, I can’t recall it, nor can I find reference to it.

    So, instead, I give you this: “In the original script (of “The Big Lebowski”), the Dude’s car was a Chrysler LeBaron, as Dowd (a Dude archetype) once owned, but that car was not big enough to fit John Goodman so the Coens changed it to a Ford Torino.”

    I’ll let that stand for what it is.

  2. admin says:

    i can tell you from experience that a torino is a big car and it takes a big man to drive one.

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