Critical Mass

Sankaty Light Lager: Cisco Brewers: Light Lager

cisco-brewery---scanktayTo watch the wounded weep is a wondrous thing. This is not case of Schadenfreude. I’m sitting in the Crimson watching the stars come out at the New York Film Critics Society’s annual awards dinner, where one recipient after another graciously accepted the accolades from this august body, but not first before complaining about their host for the evening, my friend Armond. He’s the film critic for The NY Press and a lightning rod for controversy in the industry.

Perhaps its been his outspoken criticism of figures like Spike Lee or his adamant defense of Michael Jackson. Perhaps it’s because so many people disagree with his strongly worded opinions. Or perhaps, like tonight, it’s simply because he does his job with a sincere integrity that runs counter to culture that thrives on hero worship and skin-thin egos.

So they take the podium, complain about a negative review (characterized as a “bad” review) from Armond, then launch into a long speeches about the importance of their latest work. Makes me want to shake each one by the shoulders and scream that the role of criticism is in promoting the appreciation of the field…and to that effect, the Sankaty Light, a true sessionable beer. (See the review on Session Lager so my own erudition on the topic.) Light, crisp with a touch of maltiness.

I suspect this opinion, however, is beyond controversy.

Rating: 71%

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  1. JW says:

    Is this one you had in your back pocket before you began this blog?

    I thought so.

  2. admin says:

    Last minutes circumstances provided the opportunity.

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