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(Editor’s note:  my friend Gerry has rightly corrected my recollection of the twins scenario.  Here is my updated version.)

Back in high school, my friend Gerry was dating a set of twins, Dalene and Denise, from neighboring Lemoyne. He had skillfully convinced them that he too was a twin, adopting his brother’s name (Scott) as his alter twined ego.  The reuse allowed him to date both with total immunity.

In keeping with the theme, Butte’s Porter fits nicely alongside its IPA variety and I suppose, with your eyes closed, sitting in Negley park, overlooking the Susquehanna and the lights of the big city of Harrisburg, Dalene or Denise by your side, that, well, it might be hard to tell if you are drinking the IPA or the porter. It’s thinness matches the IPA’s lack of complexity.

Rating: 62%

(original version:  I don’t remember their names, but let’s call them MaryAnn and AnneMarie and they lived in neighboring Lemoyne. During high school, Gerry Negley dated both of them, although he didn’t know it at the time. Apparently they would flip a coin to see who go out with him and, returning, fill the other sister in on the details. A kind of early, less violent version of Dead Ringers. It took about four months before Gerry realized that the person he was dating was actually a two persons. )

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2 Responses to Twins

  1. Gerry says:

    Elmo, let’s set the story straight…. Their names were Dalene and Denise and they thought I had a twin brother Scott…. It was I who deceived them, not they way you tell they story.

  2. admin says:

    Gerry, damn, I thought I could pull one over on you. I stand corrected. I am just glad to count you as a loyal reader and friend.

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