Odd Marriages

Tilted Smile: Uinta Brewing Company: Imperial Pilsner

uinta---twisted-smileThis is the second tasting of that odd coupling of Utah and beer making, Uinta’s Twisted Smile. Twisted, most likely because the very idea of pumping up a pilsner is odd. Smile, well, because, as my tree-lugging friend Dave says, “it’s delicious.” The doubling of course increases the body to the point of breadiness, tossed with a modicum of sugar. Ah, maybe cornbread, without the slather of butter.

Imperial pilsner…makes about as much sense as a good Jewish boy from Miami picking blueberries in Maine. Makes as much sense as a Pennsylania Dutchman marrying a wartime sweetheart raised on a small farm in Suwanne, Georgia. And yet it works. So I raise a glass with silent toast: happy anniversary Mom and Pop.

Rating: 72%

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