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Geary’s Winter Ale: Geary’s Brewing Co.: Winter Ale (whatever that means)

geary's---winter-beerPioneer, my session beer provider (defined as the store you can keep going to to buy beer because of its pricing and selection), has a stack of winter brews at the back of beer aisle. A veritable blizzard of ales from the Northeast corridor that begs for shoveling into the shopping cart, skiing it back home and slaying them one day after another.

But that’s probably as far as my enthusiasm for this “style” goes.  In the summer beer is refreshing; in the winter, comfort food.  These winters tread the idea that comfort could also be refreshing. What that means in Geary’s case is the taste of chocolate malt.  That’s exactly what this beer tastes like (although the resemblence fades by the bottom of the glass), with even the head mimicking the milky browns of your soda jerk favorite.

So the question is…is that what you want to be tasting in a beer in mid-winter?

Rating: 60%

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