Steel Town Mojo

Winter Ale: Weyerbacher Brewing Co: Winter Warmer

weyerbacher---winter-aleI am supposed to go to a party, birthday party for my friend Nancy, but the Steelers play like they’ve lost their mojo and I can’t bare to suffer this in public. The blackandgold are easily the luckiest team in the sport, so it’s difficult when the luck flips the other direction and a defensive lineman picks up a unclaimed fumble and walks…walks…in for a touchdown. It’s as crazy bad luck as misreading the label on the dishwashing liquid as dishwasher liquid.

Ah, but the resulting suds makes an excellent snowy field to image this winter brew. The beer itself is an adequate balance of pumpernickel, a toss of rye, and a dry kind of malt that bubbles with a punch of carbonation. I am still not convinced about these winter beers and this brew has about as much magic as the first half of the game. Still, there is a half to go…

Rating: 50%

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