Tree Removal

Howl: Magic Hat Brewing Company: Schwarzbier (Black Beer)

magic-hat---winter-ale“Why are you doing this to me?” screams my son. A month after it’s four mile journey to the apartment, the tree is making it’s exit, hacked at the limbs, piece by piece returning to the street. (I am saving the trunk for some yet undefined ritualistic purpose.) Howl…I have seen the best minds of my generation, wasted on trying to figure out black beer. I don’t advise trying this one in order to unravel the mystery. The first taste is one of vinegar that supports the beer’s overall dryness, but there is little else to add here…coffee perhaps and little more mineral water quality.

After reconsidering on the Encore IPA, I am re-reconsidering going back to the opinion I once came from.

Rating: 43%

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