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Coogan’s Beer: Coogan’s: Beer

coogans----coogansI got to say (since this is my own blog) that I like the idea of pub beers, but I kinda doubt the authenticity of it all.   Yeah, BXL has it its own Belgian (crafted upstate by Ommegang) and you think that there is some care and attention into how they are crafting it. Maybe even the brewer listens and responds.  And there’s McSorley’s (light and dark (and now available on your grocery shelf)), which tastes so godawful (particularly outside the fun of drinking it onsite) that they must have had a hand in throwing the sawdust directly into the vat.

But Coogan’s?  This place anchors the community at 169 and Broadway and if you are ever looking for a place for a quick round when you walk out from your triple-bypass surgery under the skilled knives of NewYork-Presbyterian, Coogan’s is it. Irish and excessive, Celtic and quaint…it combines it all. And even has it’s own ale…or beer…or it’s just called Coogan’s.

Now you know that they are not brewing the stuff in the back there or tapping into the doctor’s secret stills.  No, these is simple hands-off contract brewing (I suspect Sam Adams ish).  My friend Pitt used to make licorce for Twizzlers…and 95% of the rest of the licorce market.  Contract candy…where the formula is changed slightly and a different label tacked on and ain’t no one gonna be the wiser for it.

Still, I recommend the Coogan’s, particularly served in the frozen glass that ices up the beer.  Refreshing, clean, if not sophisticated, it has a reputation that lives up to its namesake.

Rating: 58%

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3 Responses to Pub Brews

  1. JW says:

    Well, if the licorice market were growing like the beer market, I suspect Pitt…well, I suspect he is regretting something other than making low-grade, knock-off licorice.

    I suspect he carries a deep pain with him that he wasn’t making beer.

    And why isn’t he making beer?

    By the way, I have my own notebook, and my own well-crafted comments about a host of characters in your universe.

    Mr. Crispino…Astrology and beer.

    Mr. Pollo…Wine, glass-making and beer.

    Ms. Han…Korean caterwauling and beer. (Hell, there’s too much soju to notice the beer, but I know the focus of this blog, so I’m sticking to the beer.)

    I could go on, but I’m boring myself.

  2. admin says:

    I have to work my way up to the crispino/pollo/han crowd, for sure.

  3. JW says:

    It’s only up if your world’s upside down.

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