Two Brothers

Northwind Imperial Stout:  Two Brothers Brewing Company: Russian Imperial Stout

I have two brothers, both salty and sometimes sweet. My brothers Don and Dave do more than there fairshare of lifting, but there are rarely imperial.

Drinking a stout in winter makes the world fit more nicely with itself.  And a Russian Imperial with North in the title reminds me of my first supercharged stout, at the Northshore Brewery, a Wednesday for lunch, when John, Neil, Bryan, Bill and the rest of the crew would hide from work for a good hour or two whilst our sincere bartendress treated us to college student pricing.  Makes it hard to return a job of fixing PowerPoint slides on obscure technical code.  To listen to the head of the company gesturing about baseline learning and online enhancements.

Yes, I think I have time for another, thank you.

Rating: 74%

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