Down on the Farm

Domaine DuPage French Style Country Ale: Two Brothers Brewing Company: Biere de Garde

2bro-french-farm-aleOh those French.  So good with wine and cheese…but what of the bread of life: beer?

Farmhouse ales are the moral equivalent of home brewing.  Some tired farmer has a little extra from the harvest, a couple washtub secreted away from the wife, and the time to make a little home comfort.  It’s hard work, this home thing is.  As an ex-president would oft comment:  hard work.

My friend Rick and I tried it in 9th grade.  We were inspired by the depression era tale that the sales of Welch’s grape juice went up when markets posted precautionary signs that mixing the stuff with yeast would cause fermentation.  Sales really went up when the grocers start to stock the yeast packages right next to the juice.  We bought a real nice glass jug and a sturdy balloon, pour the juice ontop the yeast and added a little sugar for good measure.  Buried it in Unga-Bunga land and let the whole thing mature for two weeks.

The results were less spectacular than the beer in question…and the beer in question is nice enough, but not spectacular.  Yeasty bakery freshness, though not overpowering like the Unga-Bunga brew.  Carbonated (both) and faintly sweet (less so than Unga).  And generally more drinkable than what Rick and I came up with.

Rating: 74%

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