One for the Kids

Stone Sublimely Self-Righteous Ale: Stone Brewing Co.: American Black Ale

stone ---sublimely-righteousMy friend JJ saddles up to the high table, his eyes level set to about a foot below the table top.  He is accompanied by a woman drinking Raison D’etre from a goblet.  I am mastering the sublimely self-righteous ale from Stone.  And JJ is toasting and drinking from a blue sippy cup.

People, some people, object to kids in a bar.  Some people, like JJ’s mom Genie, just worry that some one may object to her son being in the bar.  The Dogfish Head will ease that state of mind.  And me?  I got no problem with a kid in a bar.  I took my daughter to the (now closed) speakeasy Chumley’s when she was six weeks old, her coming out party.  A bar is more a community than it is an opium den, more social than the internetwork.  If that opinion makes me a self-righteous, arrogant bastard…complete with a dark outlook, with enough bitter bite to keep things interesting and all of me laced by a mellowed fullness of life…well, so be it.

Rating: 87%

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