A Trip that was Bound to Bolt

Silk Porter: Hoppin’ Frog Brewery: American Porter

Maybe it’s ten degrees out. The 2 is running local and it drags forever to hop over to Brooklyn.  Drops us off a stop before our station, due to construction on the line.  The MTA is seldom nice to its patrons.

But we are soon celebrating the skipped holidays with our friends Lori and John, toasting with a glass of porter.  “I like this,” says John.  I don’t jump to conclusions:  smooth, a skittering brown sugga sweetness, a tripping spring of carbonation.  “The Brits say one thing, the Irish another, and we Americans…so who knows what a porter really is.” John lifts the glass to the light fantastic. “I like this.”

Okay, I am in step for that leap of opinion.

Rating: 65%

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