Is Anti Antifreeze Pro Ice?

Anti Freeze Winter Ale:  Greenport Harbor Brewing Co: Winter Ale

“Seems a little thin,” says my friend Mary.  We are here at Cooperfield’s again, post-work, talking whether acres of snow can be blamed personal depression or if you could lay it down on a week of Mondays.  “Not much going on here.”   Typically, antifreeze is brilliant green,  sometimes orange and supposedly very sweet in either version.  I’ve never drank it myself.  Deadly to dogs, though, this antifreeze stuff; I suspect not so healthy for humans as well.

This type of Anti Freeze is nothing like the automotive counterpart.  It pours thin, tastes only vaguely earthy, and probably wouldn’t hurt a dog at all.  No real delivery on the expectations of winter:  little spice or heaviness, little punch, twist or blizzard.  I’m not sure I pour this stuff into my car.

Rating: 55%

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