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Boont Amber Ale: Andersen Valley Brewing Company: Amber Ale

andersen-valley---boont-amberI write this review with great reluctance.  Andersen Valley is one of those pioneer breweries for me.  And here I am in Brooklyn, listening to the reading of screenplay at the Brooklyn Winery, and drinking their (Andersen’s) Amber.  Although I am inclined to enjoy both (the script and an Andersen), each strike me oddly.  The reading aloud of something that sits between a play and a film bubbles oddly.  I can enjoy the interplay of acting during extended dialogue, but quickly loose the flavor of the piece itself when descriptive passages feel rushed as though after thought.

In much the same way, the Boont feels overcarbonated, bubbled over so that deep flavors of orange and nuttiness are kind of lost.  I know that these essences are there, but not in this context, not alive here in this cold glass in the stage room of the Brooklyn Winery.  So, like a screenplay that should be read and not aloud, this beer needs to be tasted in a different light, context, glass.

Rating: indeterminatable

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