Revisionist (Moo) History

Hazed and Infused: Boulder Beer Company: Pale Ale

Once upon a time and a very good time it was there was a moocow coming down along the road and this moocow that was coming down along the road and…wait, I’m confused here, repeating myself and it isn’t even groundhog’s day.  No, it’s groundhog eve eve, but I am drinking again at Cooperfield’s and it is the Moo Thunder again.

“You got the rating totally wrong, totally.”  My friend Lina is upset about my review last week of the cow in the can and she is insisting that her draft has to be better than a 65%.  I protested that 65% is a reasonable score, but her father, my friend Mike, blurted out, “fraud.  Fraud.”  He suggested the integrity of the whole project was in question if I didn’t re-evaluated the cow on draft.

So…hmmmm.  A smooth, silky, straightforwardness.  Light soft notes of roasted quality come through more distinctly now.  Light cream as well, more like half-and-half.  Okay…this beer was built for the can, I assume, but the draft is a pleasant way to reacquaint with a couple of otherwise demanding friends from Boise, Idaho.  So, in the spirit of friendship and honesty, I’ll give the cow an additional 10 points.

But this Hazed and Infused that Mike is drinking has the benefit of being a draft, but comes through with an unusual amount of sweetness, a blanket over what you would expect (and want) from a pale ale.  The bottle version I have drank in the past possesses more of that walk in the wet grass taste, more that thirst-quenching quality.  This draft isn’t flat…it just leaves me that way.

The question now is:  do I have to revise this rating when I re-taste it from the bottle?

Rating: 65%

(Moo Thunder revised rating: 75%)

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