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Puff Daddy

Kelso IPA : Greenpoint Beerworks / Kelso of Brooklyn : IPA (American) Puffy’s Tavern has always existed. Despite the pomposity of the Tribeca Film Festival (where the NY Philharmonic served as the warm up act for the Nets Dancers) and … Continue reading

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Not the Peak of Simcoe Pines

Peak Organic Simcoe Spring : Peak Organic Brewing Company : Pale Ale I grow hops…Williamette and Cascade…on the rooftop. Not for the rooftop brew, no, but for the fun of it and the fact that hops are one of the … Continue reading

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Turkish Delight

Efes Pilsener :Anadolu Efes Brewery : Pilsener From the appearance of the bottle on, Efes has a light tripiness to it, like water skittering across a hot skillet. It comes from Turkey, which I suspect is genuinely surprising place, a … Continue reading

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Pointless II

Point Belgian White : Steven’s Point Brewery : Belgian Wheat Beer I am beginning to understand why I have beers from this brewery around: they make for quick reviews, for, aside from the fact that this beer contains all the … Continue reading

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Dogs and Cats Thing

Garde Dog : Flying Dog Brewery : Bière de Garde I got fired from a job at CBS once, and, while the story has nothing to do with beer, it does relate tangentially to dogs and cats. The jerk who … Continue reading

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Red Star in the Bear Galaxy

Red Rocket Ale : Bear Republic Brewing Company : Scottish / Red Ale There’s a swirling darkness to this ale, in the glass and on the taste. A galaxy of malts, long arms of stellar sweetness punctuated by satellites of … Continue reading

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Questions without Answers

We have come to Portland with many questions.  (Not the least of which is which college is right for my daughter.) Is contentment better than the struggle for happiness?  Who should I contact as my Portland beer guide?  What is … Continue reading

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The Beer as Guru Sits Atop Olympia

Ice Axe India Pale Ale : Mt. Hood Brewing Company : IPA Nature concludes herself in oceans and mountain tops, the first in endings, the second for beginnings. We are sitting in the Timberline Lodge at the foot of Mt. … Continue reading

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Beer is the Scholarly Workhorse of the World (or The Divine Comedy, Portland Style)

Laurelwood Workhorse IPA : Laurelwood Public House & Brewery : IPA (American) Pliny The Elder : Russian River Brewery Company : IPA (American Imperial) Editor’s Note: This review contains critical, actionable information. If you are in a hurry, please read … Continue reading

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Beer as the Plateau of the Galaxy

Brutal IPA (aka Brutal Bitter) : Rogue Brewery : IPA (American Style) More cold weather, more goodwill cloths buying to start our day. Armed with some nice coffee (can I point out that NYC has nice coffee too, we just … Continue reading

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