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The Famous Taddy Porter : Samuel Smith Old Brewery : Porter

949 miles in three days. Most of it stretched across PA Route 80, an endless oscillation of bare trees, the Spring not yet catching on to these altitudes. The trip has been a heavy lift–a college visit filled with all the emotionally-charge questions about self-worth and future options (and that’s just the me side of the experience).
When I pull the car into a miracle parking spot after almost running down a couple innocently crossing the intersection on 70th Street, well, only one type of beer will do to make an adequate recovery: porter.

Porter is the beer of the heavy lift. Fortunately, not just any porter is waiting for me, cold, in the fridge; it’s a Famous Taddy Porter. (I was thinking of my future options before I set out on the trip.) Nothing wears off the taste of the road, the mindful zen of an endless straight shot across an empty Interstate, nothing like a Taddy Porter.

Don’t drink and drive, but if you need to drive a 1,000 miles just to taste this beer, it would still be worth it.

Rating: 92%

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